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About UHI Clinic

UHI CommunityCare Clinic is a 501(C) 3, non-profit organization serving the South Florida Community.  

Our Mission

To provide free healthcare services to the underserved population of South Florida regardless of their Ethnicity, National Origin, Sexual Orientation or Religious and Political Affiliation.


Excellent team of medical professionals
Caring, compassionate always going above & beyond.
I couldn’t care for my love ones financially if UHI didn’t exist.
A saving grace to our community & an institution of hope with a team of outstanding Doctors, student Doctors, Nurses & other practitioners even front desk staff are outstanding.

Brad Cruze

I’m so grateful for this clinic! They’re taking care of both my son’s including general health and vision. Their staff is friendly, accommodating, and inviting. They don’t make you feel inferior just cause you’re unable to pay (they’re a free clinic). They’re doctors and physicians in training are attentive, gentle and patient-centric. I have nothing but praise for this organization and pray that Allah, SWT, bless you all to the highest measure! You are an asset and blessing in this community! Thank you!!

Mahmoud Sir

What we deliver

UHI CommunityCare Clinic,  through its volunteers and partners, delivers a wide range of non-emergency healthcare services to 40-50 uninsured or under-insured patients every day.  

Without UHI’s help, these underserved members of our community would turn to emergency rooms for non-emergency care, at a high cost to themselves and the healthcare system.  

Established in 2008, UHI CommunityCare Clinic provides free primary and specialty health care to low-income, uninsured residents of South Florida. UHI, located in Miami Gardens, is a nonprofit, volunteer-based clinic dedicated to helping those in need of necessary health care services but either cannot afford or do not have health insurance.  

UHI does not offer urgent care or emergency care services, though it is our aim to one day provide those services as well.

​Funding for UHI is provided by the local community, private donors, and grants.  UHI relies heavily on volunteer doctors and students of Medical and Nursing schools of Florida International University. The students of FIU get an opportunity to work with experienced doctors and also get a chance to serve the local community. ​UHI recently acquired land, through the generation donations of the community members, ​and plans to build a dedicated clinic in Miami Gardens, not far from its current location. 


UHI Clinic

WSVN Channel 7 video about UHI Care Clinic and the impact it is having on the local community.