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Volunteer Profile: Noralbis Barrientos!

by | Aug 10, 2021

Volunteering at UHI clinic has been nothing less than insightful and promising. I was reminded of why I chose to follow a health care path. The entire team serves with genuineness and quality support and care every single day. UHI prioritizes quality healthcare for the underserved community and aims to help as many patients as possible whether through the clinic’s own work or providing information for further assistance.

I had the opportunity to interact with many patients of diverse backgrounds and cultures which allowed me to learn more about the real world setting and how I could make patients feel heard and cared for within our clinic. A pivotal moment that made me realize I am exactly where I am meant to be was when a family who had come in anxious with low expectations had their moods completely turned around with relief and happiness after walking them through their entire patient process and being able to translate for easier communication between patient and practitioner. I loved being able to help in any way possible because quality healthcare comes in many shapes and forms and together, we can make a positive experience for ourselves and for our patients.