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UHI Clinic Receives Grant from Islamic Relief USA to Support Optometry Program

by | May 19, 2022

Miami Gardens, FL – UHI CommunityCare Clinic was recently awarded a grant by Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) to support the clinic’s mission of providing free healthcare to the local underserved population. UHI provides free primary and specialty health care to low-income, uninsured residents of South Florida, regardless of their ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or religious and political affiliation.

IRUSA’s award will support UHI Clinic’s optometry program, which provides free vision care and treatment for underserved patients. “Optometry is especially important for patients who suffer from chronic disease, like diabetes, where vision care is an essential part of treatment. 65 percent of our patients have at least one chronic disease (obesity, hypertension, or diabetes).  Unfortunately, providing specialty care is extremely expensive with the equipment and personnel requirements,” says UHI Medical Director Rehan Naqui, MD. The funds from this grant will go towards supporting the needs of the optometry program in order to overcome the disparities in vision care among marginalized groups and advance access to equitable vision care for our patient population.

“We always look forward to partnering with community-based organizations who create life-changing, positive outcomes for some of the most vulnerable populations. This assistance is just one aspect of our commitment to a campaign in creating beneficial results and steering people toward a promising sustainable path,” says Kesha R. Abdul-Mateen, “We look forward to continued partnerships on future projects.” National organizations do not often make this type of connection with local efforts. Our patients and staff are thankful for IRUSA’s continued support of UHI Clinic and we look forward to a strong partnership in bridging the gap between healthcare access and treatment for underserved communities.

For more information, please contact Syeda Baig, Program Manager, UHI CommunityCare Clinic. Tel: (305) 620-7797, syeda@uhiclinic.org.